TLP Auctions will not be supporting the new progression servers, and will be shutting down permanently.

For those that have asked:

  • The site is not currently in an operable state.
    • Live log uploading is now incompatible with modern browser security. The old upload scripts, as well as new ones have proven insufficient. A separate upload client and/or old log files would make price manipulation even easier than it already was.
    • The site had to be rebuilt to support multiple servers simultaneously. This was only partially completed, including a complete frontend redesign.
    • The site is not in a condition to be taken over or purchased.
  • There was no takedown request from Daybreak/Darkpaw Games. In fact, they've never made contact. 🙄
  • Monetarily, the site was doing fine. Enough to operate between ads and generous donations.
  • Perhaps most importantly, this project has gone from a passion to a chore. It requires a lot of effort that would be better applied elsewhere.

Thanks to those who contributed.