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TimePlayerItemPricevs. Avg
Now Panshops Sell Spell: Boon of the Garou Spell: Boon of the Garou 100p
Now Panshops Sell Selo`s Drums of the March Selo`s Drums of the March 1500p 10%
Now Panshops Buy Spiderling Silk Spiderling Silk 2p 100%
Now Panshops Buy Spider Silk Spider Silk 3p
Now Panshops Sell Spell: Torpor Spell: Torpor 2 Krono 14%
Now Manjunk Sell Shield of Rainbow Hues Shield of Rainbow Hues 1000p
Now Manjunk Sell Iksar Hide Manual Iksar Hide Manual 1500p
Now Auudcharm Sell Raw Runic Hide Raw Runic Hide 20p 33%
Now Manjunk Sell Robe of the Ishva Robe of the Ishva 500p 400%
Now Manjunk Sell Crown of Elemental Mastery Crown of Elemental Mastery 4 Krono 34%
Now Manjunk Sell Cobalt Vambraces Cobalt Vambraces 1000p 20%
1 min ago Swirl Sell Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace 800p 1%
4 min ago Cdori Sell Nodding Blue Lily Nodding Blue Lily 3p
4 min ago Cdori Sell Obulus Death Shroud Obulus Death Shroud 3 Krono 7000p 3%
4 min ago Dernie Sell Halas 10lb Meat Pie Halas 10lb Meat Pie 5p
5 min ago Peder Buy Earring of Essence Earring of Essence 1000p
5 min ago Peder Buy Wurm Scale Coat Wurm Scale Coat 2000p
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