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TimePlayerItemPricevs. Avg
Now Rasmodious Sell Spell: Cripple Spell: Cripple 75p
Now Rasmodious Sell Spell: Recant Magic Spell: Recant Magic 100p
Now Rasmodious Sell Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind Spell: Boon of the Clear Mind 200p
Now Rasmodious Sell Spell: Clarity II Spell: Clarity II 800p 6%
2 min ago Duelin Sell Tambourine of Rituals Tambourine of Rituals 250p 158%
2 min ago Bennen Buy Earring of Twisted Leaves Earring of Twisted Leaves 700p 17%
3 min ago Maelyn Buy Dagger Dagger 500p
3 min ago Shaeruns Sell Elixir of Greater Concentration Elixir of Greater Concentration 20p 5%
5 min ago Aurilius Sell Green Goblin Skin Green Goblin Skin 25p
5 min ago Aurilius Sell Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads Rusty Spiked Shoulderpads 700p
5 min ago Magicfun Sell Krono Krono 19000p 28%
5 min ago Dagnir Buy Krono Krono 14000p 1%
6 min ago Cherrypotter Sell Krono Krono 15500p 4%
6 min ago Sanadebe Sell Crown of Elemental Mastery Crown of Elemental Mastery 3 Krono 2%
7 min ago Rasmodious Sell Runed Cowl Runed Cowl 450p
7 min ago Rasmodious Sell Sarnak Battle Shield Sarnak Battle Shield 400p 5%
7 min ago Rasmodious Sell Sarnak Arcane Fetish Sarnak Arcane Fetish 250p
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