TLP Auctions records auctions within EverQuest's chat channels on the Mangler server. This is done by parsing log files submitted by users in real time.

Data is then analyzed, calculated and displayed in a user-friendly format, including listings of recent auctions and average values.

This site will run until the release of the Luclin expansion. Luclin's Bazaar changes the core functionality of trading within EverQuest, and makes this site inoperable.

Only data from public chat channels is recorded.

This includes:

  • /auction
  • /ooc
  • Auction Chat ('auction')
  • General Chat ('General')

Tells, guild chat, or any channel not starting with 'auc' or 'gen' is ignored. Lines without 'WTS, 'WTB', 'Selling' or 'Buying' are ignored.

The javascript file that extracts the data is available here to view. The two regular expressions that check for this data are available on lines 68 and 83:

68: if (lines[i].match(/(wtb|wts|buying|selling)(.*\d)/ig)!=null) { // check for WTB, WTS, Buying, Selling
83: regexFront = /(\[\w+\s\w+\s\d+\s\d+:\d+:\d+\s\d+\]\s)(\w+)(.+auc.*\s|.+gen.*\s|.+out.*\s)'(.*')/ig<; // Only channels with 'auc', 'gen' and 'out'

Only data that matches these filters is sent onward.

As a thank you to those that contribute to the site, we've created an opt-in leaderboard for uploaded auctions on the Stats page.

The name of the character you are uploading the log file of has always been recorded on this site (for debugging and security). For your own privacy, by default, it is not shown on the site itself. By deselecting "Upload anonymously," you are opting to show that character's name on the leaderboard for uploading contributions. This is completely optional and disabled by default. Your name will be hidden again if you later decide to upload anonymously.

The leaderboard is created by counting the number of unique auction records submitted by an uploader. If multiple people are uploading at the same time, the system defaults to the first person to submit it. When an auction is updated (a player repeats or adjusts an old auction in chat) then the database record for that auction is updated, including the source (log uploader) of that auction.

For example, if Joe auctions in chat and Uploader A uploads the auction, Uploader A gets credit. If Joe repeats (or adjusts) the auction later that same day, and Uploader B uploads that data, the single auction record is updated and Uploader B will be given credit instead. In short, you're being given credit for providing the site the most up to date information on an auction.

  • You must be actively logged into a character.
  • Make sure your chat log is enabled (/log on).
  • Be sure you choose the right file (eqlog_YourName_mangler.txt).
  • Logs are located in your EQ installation folder under \Logs\.
Default EQ Installation paths:
  • Normal: C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\
  • Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Everquest F2P\

You can also right click your EQ desktop icon, then click Properties and finally click Open File Location at the bottom of that page to be taken directly to your installation folder.

You might be right. The data on this website is only as good as the information available to it.

TLP Auctions pulls its data from chat logs. If an item is not auctioned often, the confidence in that price will naturally be lower. Krono for example, is by far the most auctioned item in the game, and thus confidence in its price is very high.

Also taken into account are outlier auctions. It's important to look at the individual auctions behind each average and remove auctions (from the calculation) that are extremely poorly priced. For example, if there's four auctions for 100p each, and one for 4600p (bringing the average to 1000p), that is taken into consideration and removed from the average value. This is done repeatedly on both sides (low and high) until an satisfactory average value is calculated with the given data.

Furthermore, just because an item shows on the latest buyer/seller list doesn't mean it was taken into account for the average calculation. These lists exist to allow players to contact one another about items. We do not censor or remove any auctions.

Lastly, while rare, it is possible for an auction's values to have been parsed wrong, especially early on in the server's life. Click here for more information.

There could be a few reasons for this.

Due to the extremely large variance in the way items are priced/auctioned via chat, it's very difficult to capture absolutely every auction perfectly. That being said, there are only a few auctions that are ignored:

  • Stacks: As of right now, stacks are ignored to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, it's very hard to tell if someone is auctioning with whole or individual values.
  • Items without prices: If there's no price associated with your auction, it will be ignored.
  • Statistics: If you're listing the statistics of an item ('WTS Item, 5AC, 10hp, 20p') in your auction, it will not parse properly.
  • Time: Auctions that are repeated in a short period of time will be rejected. There is a fairly small buffer of time that must pass before auctions are refreshed on the website. Aucitons are always captured initially.
  • Logs: Someone must be uploading a log and in the same channel/zone as you. You can always upload your own log to make sure your auctions show.

The general rule of thumb for making sure your auction is parsed properly is: simplicity. While auctions with superfluous clutter (symbols, random commas, improper spacing) will typically still be parsed properly, there's always a chance you'll throw something in chat that we aren't prepared for.

The ideal auction looks like this, and is virtually guaranteed to be parsed properly:

WTS Item Link X 25p, Item Link Y 50p, Item Link Z 5kr

For best results, list currencies for platinum as: p,pp, k, kp or kpp.

List currencies for Krono as kr or krono.

Mixed currency is also supported. For example: 3kr+500p will be parsed as 3 krono and 500 platinum. +(plus) and (space), will parse as mixed currency. / is explicitly not parsed as such.

Auctions and currencies are not case sensitive. If no currency is listed, it defaults to platinum.

If someone is selling an item above the average price, it's represented by a red up arrow () because it's more expensive. If the seller's price was below average, it is represented by a green down arrow () .

A buyer paying more than the average buy price would have a green up arrow (), and a buyer paying less than the buy average would have a red down arrow ().

In short: Green = good. Red = bad.

The easiest way to contribute to the site is by uploading your eqlog files on the main page. The more data, the more accurate the prices.

Donations are also welcome. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

This is a personal project I started back during Ragefire and never finished. With the release of Agnarr, I picked it up again and put a tremendous amount of time into improving it. The site was previously known as Agnarr Prices, and changed names to TLPAuctions, previously supporting the Coirnav server and now the Mangler server.

No. Unique auction records are only created once per day. Repeated auctions simply update matching records. Spammed auctions are ignored.

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