May 12, 2019

A Word on Price Averages and Manipulation

Lately we've received a few requests to watch for and delete/ignore auction values that seem out of place. Just to quickly clear up any misconception: average item values on this site have always been checked against other auctions to weed out those auction that were parsed erroneously (this happens often with cultural numeric periods instead of commas), auctioned as a joke, or attempt price manipulation.

Price Averages

There's more information on this in the FAQ, but in short, a median value is calculated, and only auctions within a reasonable range are actually included as part of the average value. If an item has multiple auctions around 100p, a single auction of 1000p will not be part of the average value.

In order to clear up some confusion, especially for those that don't read this, we've greyed out auctions within the Latest Buyers & Sellers list that aren't within a certain range of an item's value. This is not the calculation we use (the calculation actually changes over the course of a server's lifetime), but simply a quick way of seeing if an auction isn't within the expected range of an item's overall 24 hour value.

The fewer times an item is auctioned, the less confidence there is in an item's value. It's possible for an auction to be greyed out but still calculated in the daily value for their type of auction (buy vs sell) if there's no other auctions to go on. This is why the average chart is split into different types.

That being said, we prefer to not remove auctions from the site, for keeping past records of an item's value, but also to show publicly display individual user's prices.

Consider this a beta test for the feature. If it creates more confusion, we'll adjust or remove it.

Price Manipulation

There's been a few attempts at (and accusations of) price manipulation lately, particularly with Krono but also a few other items.

These actions and accusations are taken seriously. Please contact the site if you notice something fishy. One user recently submitted over 500 different false auctions, all of which were removed and the user banned from submitting.

1.7.2 - May 12, 2019

  • Cosmetic: Made the Latest Seller & Buyer timers look like actual links. These have always been links to filter the latest auction list below, but were never colored as such.
  • Cosmetic: Auctions not within a certain range of the average price are greyed out on the Latest Seller & Buyer lists.

    This is a simple shorthand check and not the actual calculation the site uses to ignore incorrectly parsed prices and some price manipulation attempts.

  • 'Waiting for auctions' should no longer show if you've filtered the Latest auctions list to an item that hasn't been auctioned within the last 10 minutes.
  • The item name should be properly highlighted now regardless of capitalization when viewing the full auction text of an auction. This goes for both the latest auctions and Latest Buyers & Sellers.
  • Other small changes and fixes on the front and back end.

May 7, 2019

  • Deleted a bunch of price manipulating data. Please don't hesistate to contact us if you notice something irregular.

1.7.1 - March 30, 2019

  • Fixed the Inventory page.
  • Other backend fixes not worth mentioning in detail.

1.7 - March 17, 2019

The site has launched for the Mangler server.

We had some unexpected issues crop up at launch, but they've been fixed and the site is fully functional.


  • Changed how players submitting data are checked for being connected. Players now 'pulse' the server once per minute to check if they're still connected. Previously, this check was only done when a player successfully submitted data, and led to confusion and the 'no players connected' message more often than necessary. This has been reverted, at least temporarily. Some players appear to be leaving their browser open even while not playing, leading to players appearing to be connected without uploading any data. This revert may take a little while, as players need to refresh the page to get the update.
  • Popular and Expensive item dropdowns are now populated.
  • Adjusted the navbar order. The 'Tunnel' tab now comes after the 'Home' tab.
  • You can now see the names of the players currently uploading by mousing over the number of connected players. Players that choose to be anonymous will show up in the list as "Anonymous."
  • Changed some terminology on the site (ex: 'Submitted Auctions' is now 'Last Auction').

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an old bug that prevented auctions from updating their prices properly.
  • Fixed average prices not.. averaging.
  • A whole slew of backend stuff.

More fixes coming soon. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the displayed values of an item (chart vs. graph, etc) that will be tackled soon.

March 4, 2019

Mangler Launches March 16th, 2019

The site will be ready to go by the launch of Mangler.

November 13, 2018

Another Server, Another Farewell

With Luclin comes the Bazaar, which fundamentally changes the way players trade and interact with one another. As with Agnarr, site traffic decreases dramatically, and between hosting costs and player logging, that means the site becomes unsustainable financially and most importantly, the data inaccurate. While tracking Bazaar data would be nice, it's not easily done programmatically (we tried), nor would the memory scanning required be legal under the game's Terms of Service. Thus, the site will go offline shortly after the launch of Luclin.

We're still debating internally whether pricing information will be made available once the site is functionally shut down, and if so, how (database, archived webpage, etc.).

A big thank you to you, the users, for using and contributing to the site, be it with donations or simply logging data. This site never happens without you.

We knew this was coming and experienced it with Agnarr as well. That being said, domain was changed from to for good reason. We plan to support future TLP servers should they launch.

Again, thank you.

-TLPAuctions - July 31, 2018

  • Thanks to a couple generous donations, we've opted to upgrade the server hardware, doubling its CPU count and memory. Typically perfomance is only a problem on weekends, so we'll see how it does in a few days. In the mean time, performance should be noticeably better.

1.6.2 - July 16, 2018

  • Updated the footer.
  • Adjusted some database settings that will hopefully improve performance.

1.6.1 - May 6, 2018

  • Fixed Karana's Tear lucy link.
  • Lowered the range of acceptable prices for value calculations.
  • Added reported price inflators to the no-parse list. Feel free to submit more names for review.

1.6.0 - May 3, 2018

  • Added an opt-in leaderboard to the Stats page for contributors. By default, your uploaded auctions are anonymous, but you can choose to add your name to the list by de-selecting "Upload anonymously" when you choose your eqlog file. You can toggle between being anonymous as much as you want, and the change should occur when you upload a new auction. Your preference is stored in your browser's cookies and should persist between sessions.
  • Made the connection status messages a little more specific to the status of the page.

1.5.9 - May 2, 2018

  • Fixed a problem with the log parser. Sometime during April, Daybreak quietly changed the log files to add an extra unneccessary space to single digit dates, which broke our parser. You may need to refresh your page to get the fixed script. Thanks to Jimmy contacting us about the problem.

1.5.8 - April 4, 2018

  • Added item "Stein" to the Warning list (potential price inaccuracies).
  • Removed item "Heart" from the database.
  • Banned one very rude player from being parsed. I suppose that's one way to "fix your stupid ass webite... dumbasses...."

1.5.7 - March 30, 2018

  • Fixed a bug with the last update.

1.5.6 - March 19, 2018

  • For items worth more than a Krono, Krono + plat value will now always show. Previously, it was only displaying Krono + plat while Krono was above 1000 in value. As a reminder, you can always swap between platinum and Krono value by clicking the swap button (Krono or Plat icon) above the price table.

1.5.5 - March 18, 2018

  • Fixed a few bugs caused by the transition to the new database. Auction history price comparisons will now work, as well as the price history chart.

March 8, 2018

Coirnav ready

The site is ready for Coirnav's launch. This is the first time the site has been transitioned to a new server, so we'll monitor it on launch day to make sure everything is working as intended.

About 3 weeks ago we made a list of goals for launch:

  • Fix bugs ✔️
  • Fix Player history ✔️
  • Track all auctions instead of just prices ❌
  • Provide better price history for individual items ✔️
  • Add new buy/sell filter options ✔️
  • Improvements to the logging process ❌
  • Make the site a little prettier ✔️
  • Add SSL ✔️❌ (This was added, but disabled due to a conflict with ZAM's tooltips.)
  • Mobile fixes ✔️

Unfortunately we weren't able to tackle every goal, but hopefully we'll get a chance to work on them soon.



  • Pushed the Coirnav pages to the root directory in preparation for Coirnav's launch.


  • Added SSL. All non-secure pages should forward to https automatically. Unfortunately, SSL is disabled due to a conflict with ZAM. ZAM does not offer its EQ data on a secure connection (https), and thus causes problems. Other options are being looked into.
  • Fixed a minor cosmetic inconsistency.
  • You can now filter the auction history between Buy and Sell.
  • Clicking the clock icon next to the Latest Buyer/Seller header will show the full history of an item.


  • Player page titles now show.
  • You can now link to player pages.
  • Fixed and updated player page. Currency now shows properly (no more "mixed"), as well as actual auction price vs. equivalent plat value.
  • You can now view a player's full auction history. Click the arrow at the bottom of the first auction list for 10 auctions at a time, or click "View All" for the complete history.
  • Fixed lingering zam mouseovers (mobile still sucks for this).


Browsing experience updates. The mobile and thinner width browser experience should be far better:

  • Hiding a few divs, depending on the width of your view. These changes are intended for mobile users. Includes logging,Avg/Diff, tools columns in the auction history table. Auction history table still expands past the max width. Work in progress.
  • Rearranged item data for smaller width screens. When you pull up pricing data, it will now show the price data and graph, and then buyers and sellers (rather than buyers, the data/graphs, then sellers).
  • Added overflow adjustments for text throughout the Home page. This will make viewing much better on smaller width browser windows, including mobile.
  • Adblock placeholders will only show on the largest width so as to not screw up the layout of other views.
  • Chart won't be so absurdly tall on some mobile devices anymore. This can still be improved.
  • Tunnel and Inventory will hide on the navbar (and move under the Site menu) when browser width is smaller/mobile.
  • Fixed the location of the Auction History filter clear icon.


  • Added site logo.
  • Added server logo for potential dropdown at later date (server select).
  • Removed light/dark theme option. Dark is now the only theme. If you're stuck on the light theme, delete your cookies.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing issues for dev/testing.
  • Fixed right edge radius on plat value in navbar.
  • Clicking on the Krono = Plat currency icons in then navbar will now load Krono in the search.
  • Adjusted navbar order.
  • Normalized all page titles.
  • Updated navbar and several pages' data to fit the new name.
  • Deleted email, added new one at domain.
  • New paypal account.

Feb 15, 2018

Coirnav, Rebranding and Improvements

With the announcement of the new Coirnav server launching on March 16th, 2018, we're happy to announce that the site will be available and ready to go on launch day.

The site will also be undergoing a rebranding as, but will also forward to the new domain.

Lastly, we'll be taking the next month to improve the site prior to the server's launch.

We're planning to:

  • Fix bugs ✔️
  • Fix Player history ✔️
  • Track all auctions instead of just prices 😤
  • Provide better price history for individual items
  • Add new buy/sell filter options ✔️
  • If time permits:
    • Improvements to the logging process
    • Make the site a little prettier ✔️
    • Add SSL ✔️
    • Mobile fixes ✔️

In the near future, logging for Agnarr will be disabled, and its data archived.


Feb 3, 2018

The Future of Agnarr Prices

TL;DR: Visits decreasing, revenue decreasing, auction data decreasing. Site likely shutting down soon.

Luclin has released and as expected, the site is getting far fewer visitors. During Velious, the site was already losing revenue a bit each day, but sessions (visits) were not decreasing at the same rate, which meant less breathing room for hosting costs. Based on the revenue received since Luclin, the site will at best be scraping by, but more likely will not be able to cover hosting. That being said, this is manageable. The site has received enough revenue in the past to carry it for a bit longer, and we've also had a couple generous donations.

This is not a request for more donations.

The problem is the declining number of auctions in-game. With Luclin's Bazaar, Agnarr's market immediately became quieter. Fewer auctions means fewer prices, which results in poor data. Poor data makes for a poor site. Furthermore, unlike previous expansion launches, visits are declining dramatically over the past week, which means less players uploading data as well.

Unfortunately, there isn't a feasible (or legitimate) way to output Bazaar prices to the site.

As of right now, the site will likely be closed sometime within the next month. If revenue and visits do not steady out, it may be far sooner. Hundreds of hours have been poured into creating this, so shutting down is not a decision taken lightly.

As always, thanks for using the site.




-You can now choose which parts of your inventory to parse.

-Added progress bar to inventory parse.


-Reworked Inventory page to make it more responsive, actually work, and bog down the site less.


-Added the Inventory page. This will display the values of the items in your inventory.

-Fixed footer causing horizontal scroll.

-Updated FAQ.


This update prepares the site for the upcoming Inventory parsing feature.

-Major fix on price average calculation. The base for the price average is now based on a mean rather than pure average. This fixes situations where (embarrassingly 🤦) one outlier value (10p, 11p, 15p, 15p, 1000p) would put all prices out of the 'average' range.

-Significantly restructured how searched data and krono value is accessed. Load time should hopefully improve.


-Added the Tunnel. When the site is actively parsing, this is a live feed of auctions the system reads, emulating a Commandlands Tunnel chat window. No need to refresh. One thing to note, is that this does show all auctions, including the many auctions that aren't parsed into the system due to a lack of price or proper item name. Mousing over an item will show its stats. Clicking will take you to its value data on the main page (in a new window). No, you can't type to chat. Sorry. 😞


-Items with an average value above the price of Krono will now display their pricing data in Krono + Plat. These values are rounded to the nearest 1000p. As a reminder, you can always swap between Krono and Plat by clicking the currency icon above the price chart. If these values are too small to read, please contact me.

-Plat values (except for Krono+plat) will now show commas. I know this isn't an international format, so if there's enough input, I may rever this.

-Latest Buyer and Seller lists now show actual mixed (Krono+Plat) values instead of a plus symbol.

-If an item search finds no results, the text will turn red.

-Cleaned up some minor css stuff.

-Renamed 'Latest Auctions' to 'Auction History.'

-Added some small database optimizations in hopes of speeding up searches.


-Fixed a loophole for manipulating the price of Krono.


-Reorganized the navbar to make the site slightly better on mobile. Less than 10% of visits are from mobile devices, so further fixes are not a major priority.

-Added footer to each page.


-Rewrote the graph data generation from scratch. There will no longer be values of zero, which was most noticeable when an item hadn't been auctioned that day.

-Average prices on the graph are now based on standard deviation.

-Default graph period is now 21 days (from 14). If there isn't data that goes back 21 days, the graph will only show what is available.

-The minimum graph value is no longer 0. This should make the slight daily price adjustments of popular items like Krono more distinguishable. This was done before, but now there's spacing on the Y axis to make it far more visually appeasing.

-Mousing over a data point should be much easier.

-Auction volume is now displayed underneath the price in the form of a bar graph.

-Redesigned the look of the graph to accomodate volume. Feel free to comment - I'm not particularly great with visuals.


-Added pagination for latest auctions.


-Added a dark theme. Dark is now the default. You can toggle between dark and light in the navbar.


-Added a simple database Stats page. It's very barebones right now. Use the Contact form if there's any numbers you'd like to see.


-Added icons for items.

-Searching for items is now a partial search, meaning searching 'prod' will bring up 'Jade Chokodai Prod' instead of forcing you to type 'Jade Chok' etc. This was attempted before but caused issues in the past. A few changes have been made to improve it. Friendly reminder: some items have acronyms in the database like 'FBSS' that you can search with. Contact the site if you find problems or want to suggest acronyms.

-Fixed vs. Avg percentages.

-Under latest auctions, switched 'Change' column to a 'Diff' column. This now compares the auctioned price to the overall average (instead of change on a per-player basis), and acts as an actual platinum value for the vs. Avg column.

-Changed Kr:P calculator in the top right to no longer show decimals for platinum.

-Multi currency auctions will now display as the actual currencies. For example, a '1kr+2000p' auction will now show as that very value instead of '1kr+'.

-Other minor formatting changes.


New feature: Latest Item Filter

Interested in watching a specific item's live auctions? You can now type an item name into the latest item filter to show only matching items. This will continue to refresh with new live data. Ex: 'Jaundiced' will show all items with Jaundiced in its name. 'krono' will show Krono. 'Shell helm' will show Turtleshell Helm.

You can also filter items by clicking on the filter icon in the latest list, or from a searched item's page.

Other changes and fixes:

-Added a circular timer that indicates when the latest auctions list refreshes. If you find any issues or have suggestions regarding this, please contact the site. It doesn't work perfectly in Edge.

-Adjusted 'Time' periods for the latest chart. No more '3h+ ago' for items auctioned far longer.

-Hid 0% average price differences.

-Formatted player data differently.

-Removed a few unnecessary items from the database.

-Items selected from the popular and expensive dropdowns now supply the correct URL for linking.


-Cobalt items should now parse properly. This was an issue with the item alias system detecting the 'BAL' in Cobalt as a Blackened Alloy Longsword. Thanks to the anonymous user for pointing that out. If any other items are not parsing properly, please contact us.

-(Hopefully) fixed issue with items being valued in thousands of plat erroneously (due to the next item starting with a 'K').


-Upgraded server.


-Cleaned up Popular Items (500p minimum).

-Added Expensive items dropdown by request.

-Fixed Krono dropdown not selecting properly.


-You can now mouseover the percentage vs. Avg in the Latest table to view the average price for that item in platinum.

-Currency Swap is now a more visually obvious button (in the search result section, next to the item name).

-Added a loading animation.


-The parser now runs an additional check to prevent erroneous pricing of Krono. This is quite important given how Krono is involved in the pricing of many other items.

-Fixed a bug introduced with the above change.


-Prices in the latest table are now compared to the average price of an item (buy or sell, not combined). These averages are calculated every 10 minutes.


-To help support the costs of running the site, ads have been enabled.

-Apostrophes now work in searches (for items like Executioner's Axe).


-Switched web server software.

-Found and fixed a bug that was ignoring new auctions.


-Fixed contact form. If you tried contacting within the past week, the message did not go through.


-The system now checks for duplicate auctions based on an actual calendar date rather than by time since. This will make price chart history more accurate.


-Fixed a time zone issue that came up from switching to new host.


-Changed hosts


-(Hopefully) fixed a parsing issue causing i/o problems.

-Commas are no longer accepted for dual currency auctions (#kr,#p). Commas now parsed as, well, commas. (1,000p = 1000p). This was causing several problems with pricing.


-More common acronyms for item names will now be parsed in auctions. This should provide better pricing averages.

  • Currently supported: FBSS, SMR, SSOY, SBS, RBG, RBB, PGT, GEBS, FBR, COF, CBB, BOC, BAM, BAL, BABS, AON.

-The pricing charts are now set for 10 days.

-You can now click on player names in the latest list to search for their recent sales. The search results for this will be formatted better at a later date.

-Added contact & changelog pages.


-The database is now capable of recording who is submitting each auction. This is part of an upcoming feature to give credit to those who help contribute to the site. It will be optional to be listed publicly, and the default setting will be to remain anonymous. If anonymous, your name will not be submitted to the database.


-Added a dropdown list of most auctioned items. This is rolling list of the most buy requests over the last week.

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