TimePlayerItemPricevs. Avg
Now Adaa Sell Banded Bracer Banded Bracer 5p 25%
Now Adaa Sell Banded Gorget Banded Gorget 4p 33%
Now Adaa Sell Banded Gauntlets Banded Gauntlets 6p 20%
6 min ago Tibador Buy Krono Krono 300p 24%
12 min ago Tibador Sell Minotaur Horn Minotaur Horn 50p 33%
12 min ago Tibador Sell Dark Mail Gauntlets Dark Mail Gauntlets 175p 10%
13 min ago Galin Sell Rough Hickory Recurve Bow Rough Hickory Recurve Bow 2p
17 min ago Hasselhof Sell Chitin Shell Armor Chitin Shell Armor 120p
25 min ago Plat Sell Spell: Summoning: Water Spell: Summoning: Water 70p 26%
26 min ago Zipity Sell Scarab Ring Scarab Ring 8p 33%
26 min ago Zipity Sell Runed Totem Staff Runed Totem Staff 5p
26 min ago Zipity Sell Scepter of Rahotep Scepter of Rahotep 75p 42%
27 min ago Bezer Sell Small Scarab Breastplate Small Scarab Breastplate 10p 11%
27 min ago Uzeni Sell Mesh Gauntlets Mesh Gauntlets 50p
28 min ago Uzeni Sell Shimmering Orb Shimmering Orb 200p
28 min ago Sethas Sell Elixir of Greater Concentration Elixir of Greater Concentration 8p
28 min ago Sethas Sell Blood of the Wolf Blood of the Wolf 5p 17%
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