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TimePlayerItemPricevs. Avg
Now Slide Sell Idol of the Thorned Idol of the Thorned 1 Krono 4000p
Now Slide Sell Circlet of Shadow Circlet of Shadow 3000p 14%
Now Slide Sell Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe 2 Krono 34%
Now Suprano Sell Cracked Leather Belt Cracked Leather Belt 5000p
Now Suprano Sell Fleeting Quiver Fleeting Quiver 4000p 6%
Now Suprano Sell Mithril-Runed Tunic Mithril-Runed Tunic 1000p
1 min ago Appa Sell Bone Chips Bone Chips 1p
1 min ago Appa Sell Spiderling Silk Spiderling Silk 1p
1 min ago Kanami Sell Sebilite Scale Coat Sebilite Scale Coat 1500p 50%
1 min ago Mauvin Sell Hand of the Reaper Hand of the Reaper 700p 17%
2 min ago Siras Buy Tea Leaves Tea Leaves 5p
2 min ago Sensid Sell Green Goblin Skin Green Goblin Skin 82p
2 min ago Varda Buy Krono Krono 8100p 2%
3 min ago Kranbank Buy Krono Krono 8000p 3%
3 min ago Mauvin Sell Kylong War Helm Kylong War Helm 400p 100%
3 min ago Floo Sell Sarnak Battle Shield Sarnak Battle Shield 300p
3 min ago Floo Sell Cone of the Mystics Cone of the Mystics 500p 25%
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